Notice of Privacy

Identity and address of the person responsible .

ROSA CARMEN VALDEZ SUAREZ (hereinafter , the " Responsible " and / or " ROSSVAL " ) , established to hear and receive notifications in Street Brisa 372, Col. Jardines del Pedregal , Del. Alvaro Obregon , CP 01900 , in the City of Mexico , expressly informed the following:

Personal data collected and subjected to treatment.

That to comply with the purposes described in this Privacy Policy and / or sustained legal relationship with our customers , we obtain from you all or some ( s ) of the following, taking into account the particular case :

  • IDENTIFICATION DATA: Such as your name, nationality, country and institution of birth, date of birth, age, sex, marital status.
  • CONTACT: Such as fiscal and conventional address, telephone numbers; fixed or mobile, email.
  • DATA BUSINESS, ECONOMIC, ACADEMIC: Such as; occupation or profession, level of education, social security number, Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC), Unique Population Registry Code (CURP), company where he works, antique income.
  • LEGAL INFORMATION AND / OR ADMINISTRATIVE: Such as those contained in testimonies, policies, minutes, resolutions or judgments of notaries or authorities, valid ID, documents proving their legal stay in the country, legitimacy and / or representation on the goods offered commissioned by you and through the "Responsible" as well as documents confirming the legal status of property, such as Certificates of Public Registry of Property and Commerce, water bills, property taxes, building permits and use soil, proof of alignment and official number, termination notices work, demonstrations regularization.
  • TRANSACTION DATA: such as prices, costs, payments.

Method of obtaining personal data .

  • Please note that your Personal Data may be obtained from physical and / or automated through any of the following means :
  • Directly from you, ( i ) Through writing ( s ) and / or form ( s ) provided by the Manager ; ( Ii ) telephone or electronically; When you visit our website or use our online services and / or indirectly: ( iii ) If information is collected through other sources permitted by law , either via publicly available sources , physical and / or electronic form or other technological means .  
  • Personal data to third parties in order for them to charge for compliance purposes (eg , family data , recommended or guardian ) must be before you have informed them of the existence of the processing of personal data and contents of this Privacy Notice 

Transfers of personal data. Your personal data may be transferred within the country or abroad , to the following categories of recipients and for the purposes identified below as well as those listed above:

  • SIMILAR , FRANQUICIATARIAS or for SIMILAR TO RESPONSIBLE OR PARENT COMPANIES OR BRANCHES ; for purposes of centralized backup of information; statistical and historical records or to comply with legal or business relationship with the Client Manager .
  • FINANCIAL ENTITIES; to fulfill the services contracted by the client to the Manager and regulatory compliance .
  • SERVICE PROVIDERS; so that they attend the charge in the implementation and fulfillment of the services requested by the customer.
  • THIRD ( business partnerships ) ; with the sole purpose of providing products and / or services.
  • OFFICES judicial collection or extra-judicial ; in order to assist the Manager in charge of the contracted services .
  • PUBLIC ORGANISMS; for compliance with requirements issued by competent authorities.

Aims of treatment.

Personal Data have the following treatment provided under the principles of legality, consent, information , quality, purpose, loyalty , proportionality and accountability.

Manage, manage, update and protect information, or send it to be necessary and in order to comply with legal or commercial relationship arising between you and the person in charge;

Provide the services requested by the Contractor;

Analysis of creditworthiness, liquidity and ability to pay customers Responsible, just in case they require intermediary services for obtaining loans for the acquisition of real estate.

Analysis on the legal background and credit bureau in the Public Registry of Property and Commerce, for the purposes specified in the preceding paragraph and to contribute to the legal determination of the goods offered on request Holder and through Responsible and to investigate the moral and economic solvency who intends to lease real estate.

Management, control, delivery and management of communications between managers and customers, in charge and for the judicial or extra charges for services provided by the Manager.

Statistical and historical record of customers and the legal representatives of customers Responsible.

Sending communications about special offers, new products and / or services, events and advertising.

Consent for data transfer.

Transfers of personal data referred to in Article 37 of the LFPD refers not require consent , in other cases where the rules require consent if you merely because you send information through this page web or any other address, phone or physical or messaging environment, consent to the processing of their data for the purposes specified in this privacy notice.

Exercise of ARCO rights.

In all cases where legally appropriate , you may at any time exercise their rights ARCO ( access, modify , cancel, oppose or limit the use of personal data ) by filing a request in the format for this purpose to provide the Head of physical and free of charge at the address indicated at the beginning .

The request must contain and monitor the following:

  1. Your name and address or other means to communicate the answer to your request.
  2. Documents proving their identity or , where appropriate, legal representation .
  3. The clear and precise description of the personal data for which is requested to exercise any of the ARCO Rights;
  4. ARC clear and precise legal description you want to exercise
  5. Any item or document that facilitates the location of personal data .

The Principal will notify you within a maximum period of twenty working days from the date of receipt of the request that the legal determination made. If the request is coming, it will be effective within the quinces working days of the date on which the Responsible communicate the answer. If the information provided in its application be incorrect or insufficient, or the necessary documents is not accompanied to prove their identity or legally represented, the Principal, within five working days of receipt of your application, you will require remedying the deficiencies in order to process it. In these cases, you will have ten working days to meet the requirement of correct, counted from the day that has received this request. Such request shall be deemed not submitted if you do not respond within that period.

You can obtain the requested information or personal data through simple copies, electronic documents in standard formats (Word, PDF, etc.), or through any other lawful means to ensure and prove the effective exercise of rights requested. You authorize the responsibility to respond to the request by electronic means unless the Contractor itself indicates other means of clear and express manner.

ROSSVAL is important to keep their personal data, and to ensure their accuracy, timeliness and accuracy ; we kindly at all times inform us of any changes in them.

You may revoke your consent to the processing of personal data, without retroactive effect, in all cases where such revocation does not involve the inability to meet obligations under an existing legal relationship between you and the person in charge . Should you request to limit the use or disclosure of your ( s ) data ( s ) Personal Responsible has procedures to ensure foreclosure listings when you request explicitly. Responsible granted to holders registered on those lists constancy appropriate registration .Modificaciones o actualizaciones al presente Aviso de Privacidad Integral.

The Privacy Policy will always be available through any of the following means : ( i ) visible ads in our offices ; ( Ii ) Booklets ; ( Iii ) In our website ; ( Iv ) In the last email you have provided ( v ) Forms provided by the Manager .

The Responsible may modify, update, or otherwise change the content and scope of this Privacy Policy at any time and in its sole discretion and always in terms of law. In such cases, the Responsible communicate these changes through the following address: section "Privacy Notice " .

Last updated :

February 14, 2016